8. How does K7 BT use the FiiO Control function?

  1. Download the latest FiiO Control on your mobile phone from the APP store or download here: Click here

  2. After the mobile phone is paired with the K7 BT via Bluetooth, you can set the Bluetooth related functions of the K7 BT in FiiO Control.

  3. Notes:

  4. Why can't the RGB indicator light of K7 BT be turned on or off through the FiiO Control APP?

  5. The indicator light of K7 BT is controlled by XMOS, and XMOS can not communicate with the Bluetooth module to obtain the corresponding setting parameters, so it can not be controlled through the APP.

  6. Other functions that require the cooperation of XMOS or single-chip microcomputer can not be done, such as: APP display sampling rate, display working mode, switching working mode, channel balance, filter, RGB indicator control, RGB display color according to Bluetooth code, UAC1.0 function etc., also can not be set. If you want this kind of function, you can consider buying K9 or higher-end desktop decoding products

  7. The FiiO Control of K7 BT can only set Bluetooth-related functions, and it is invalid in other modes. Switching to other modes will disconnect the Bluetooth connection. Only when the K7 BT is set to BT mode can it connect to the APP