12. The indicator light and RGB light status indication of K7 BT

【Input Indicator】


【Knob indicator light】

1. After powering on, the indicator light is blue and always on when there is no input; after powering off, the indicator light is off.

2. When working in the digital input state (UAC/OPT/COAX), the indicator light will display different colors according to different samples:

48k and below--cyan blue, above 48k--yellow, DSD--green; when there is no signal input, the default is blue and steady;

3. In the amp (Line in) and Bluetooth receiving (BT) mode, the indicator light is blue and always on.

4. When the system detects an abnormality (such as output DC, over temperature, overload), the indicator light goes out

5. When starting up or switching the working mode, the RGB indicator light will appear a color marquee light up once, and then the marquee light will go out after all the lights are on, and finally it will be displayed according to the current sampling.