3. Common parameters

(1) Impedance

Midwoofer 8Ω

Tweeter 8Ω


(2) Weight

Primary speaker 1.8KG Secondary speaker 1.6KG

Dimensions: 165x120x130mm (Height*Width*Length)


(3) Size of the speaker unit

3.5-inch carbon fiber midwoofer

1-inch silk tweeter


(4) How to distinguish the L and R channels?

The back of the speaker has the L/R silkscreen.

As default, when the channel switch is switched to the R side, the R speaker will input the R channel, and L input the L channel.

If you need to place the R speaker on the left side, please switch the channel switch to the L side. At this time, the R speaker will input L channel, and L input R channel.