6. Is it easy to drive the FT3? Can ordinary cell phones drive it?

The FT3 obeys professional HiFi headphone standards. Taking the sound quality as the primary goal, it is designed with 350Ω high impedance, and 105dB/Vrms@1kHz sensitivity. To acquire excellent dynamic responses, sound performance, and sound pressure range (120dB as a reference), the output power of the FT3 should reach 100mW under a 300-ohm load according to the power demand calculation. This means that even though it can be driven by mobile phones, it needs a driving device with higher output power, so as to acquire better sound performance. At the same time, for various reasons, not all the sound coming out is excellent. The actual situation is subject to actual listening trials.

Recommended matched FiiO music players/DAC and headphone amplifiers:

K7, K9, K9PRO, K5PRO, M17, M15S, M15, Q7, and R7.