3. What is the sound tuning style of the FH15? What type of music is it suitable for? What are the differences between FH5 and FH15?

Based on the FH5, the FH15 has improved vocal performance and clarity on treble.

The FH15 is suitable for: oldies, songs with rich details, and songs with rich rhyme.

Tuning style of FH15:

Through the excellent performance of the carbon fiber diaphragm, the bass has the characteristics of high-speed response and high definition but low distortion;

Knowles 30262 is used for the midrange. This BA has been added a hole for tunning, which can enhance the density of the midrange, making the vocal richer and the tone more charming;

Two Knowles 33518 are used for treble. These drivers, with higher resonance frequency, will release powerful treble resolution, so they can capture every sound detail;

In terms of acoustic structure: the FH15 adopts FiiO's patented S.Turbo acoustic turbo design sound tube. It utilizes the sound wave guiding characteristics, so the bass effect is optimized through the shape of the turbine, making the subbass deep, vigorous and elastic, while filtering the redundant mid-to-high frequency to ensure a smooth connection between the low-frequency and mid-to-high frequencies.