2. What is the sound tuning style of the FF5? What type of music is it suitable for? What are the differences between FF3 and FF5?

The FF3 has a resonance point as low as 90Hz, and the bass is elastic and powerful. It sounds like a magnetic male voice, similar to the tuning style of traditional earbuds. The FF3 is recommended for listening to pop, rock and male vocal songs.

The FF5 is recommended for listening to female vocal songs, instrumental songs songs, and songs that require more treble resolution. The bass of FF5 is not much, but the response speed is fast, which is in obvious contrast with the FF3, which has deep and powerful subbass.

Tuning style of the FF5: the FF5 is tuned as an earbud that is biased towards mid-high frequency. Its sound highlights the resolution and instrument details, emphasizing the 2k-4kHz vocal, the vocal positioning is slightly forward, and the female voice is clearer and brighter.