3. What are the accessories? Is the cable interchangeable? How to choose suitable ear tips?

  [Accessories included]

  HB1 carrying case*1,

  Bass sponge cover *6 pairs (thick type)

  Balanced sponge cover *6 pairs (thin type)

  Treble sponge cover *6 pairs (through hole)

  Anti-slip silicone ring M *3 pairs (black transparent)

  Anti-slip silicone ring L *3 pairs (transparent)

  MMCX removal tool*1,

  3.5/4.4mm interchangeable audio plug*1 set,

  392 wires each high-purity silver-plate monocrystalline cable*1


【How to choose sponge covers】

  The outer diameter is 16.5mm, and it is recommended to use sponge covers with a diameter of 18mm.



  The cable of the FF5 is detachable with standard MMCX connectors. (Compatible with FiiO's cables with detachable MMCX connectors, including the LC-B, LC-C, LC-D, LC-RE, LC-BT1, LC-BT2, UTWS1, UTWS3, UTWS5, IRC-MMCX)