Red Version of the Desktop DAC and Amplifier K7 Is Coming!

FIIO is a user-oriented company. Previously, we received feedback from some distributors saying that there has been a greater demand for a red K7. Therefore, after the first batch of the K7 black version was done, we continually arranged the red one. The reason why the K7 has been popular and was out of stock should be due to its truly balanced output, high output power, generous materials, impressive designs, etc. In addition to the positive market feedback, it was highly recommended by Headfonia and granted the Desktop DAC/Amp Category Gold Award in 2023 VGP, as well as other awards.


Today, the K7 has a new color - red, which is still the best choice in the same price range compared to similar products.


The K7 red version has exactly the same features and configurations as the black one, which applies a six-stage audio circuit as used in the high-end K9 Pro, as well as the same THX AAA 788+ amplifiers. The results are strong abilities to output 560mW into a 300Ω load at 1% distortion, and 2000mW into a 32Ω load at 1% distortion.


As the first true balanced DAC/Amp for the younger generation, the red version will refresh your visual effects and make your HiFi desktops more colorful.


* Key features of the K7 red version include:

-- Truly balanced headphone amp

-- THX AAA 788+ amp technology

-- Dual AK4493S DACs

-- Multiple intelligent protection systems

-- Power supply with numerous independent LDOs

-- Included 12V/24W low-noise switching power supply

-- RGB status indicators

-- 3 output modes

-- Two levels of hardware gain

-- Numerous outputs and inputs


To find out more about the K7 red version, please visit the product page at


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