3. How to pair FW3 with a mobile phone?

Here we take the mobile phone as an example. The first time FW3 is paired with the mobile phone, you need to enter the pairing mode. The indicator light of the headset flashes quickly. Then, on the mobile phone, go to Settings-Bluetooth, find FW3 and click pairing. Click 'Pairing' to pair successfully.

[FW3 enters pairing mode in 3 ways]

Method one:

After the Bluetooth transmitting device A is connected to the FW3, disconnect the connection with the FW3 from the Bluetooth settings of the device A, and the FW3 will automatically enter the pairing state.

Method two:

When the earphones on both sides are turned on, press and hold the buttons with bumps on both earphones for 5 seconds to force them to enter the pairing state.

Method three:

Try [Clear Pairing], that is, reset. In the power-on state, take out the earphones, press and hold the power buttons on both sides of the earphones for about 8 seconds, the earphones will be turned off and then turned on, and the left and right ears will be automatically paired. After the pairing is successful, enter the pairing mode, and clear the pairing.


Note: If only one side of the earphones can connect to the Bluetooth device, but the other side can not, you can also try [Clear Pairing].