5. FW3 FiiO Contorl APP control function description

FiiO FW3 supports APP control. You can search and install "FiiO Control" or "FiiO Music" in the application market, and set the audio parameters of FW3 under Bluetooth control. We will also update the product firmware from time to time, and push upgrades through the APP to bring a more stable user experience. The specific introduction of APP control is as follows:


FiiO Control APP, the latest version download link for Android: Click


After the FW3 is connected to the FiiO Music, the FiiO Control can not connect to the FW3?

Since Bluetooth control can only connect to one device at a time, if you have already connected to an APP in FiiO Music/FiiO Control, you need to kill the APP in the background, and then refresh to connect to another APP.


FiiO Control can not connect to FW3?

If this happens to you, the following methods may help you:

  1. Confirm whether the FiiO Control version is the latest Android version 3.10 (iOS is 1.2.3) or above. If the icon displayed by FW3 is a question mark, it is usually an old version;

  2. After deleting FW3 on the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone, reconnect;

  3. FW3 clears the pairing and reconnects with the mobile phone: In the power-on state, press and hold the secondary buttons on both sides to reset, that is, clear the pairing information;

  4. Uninstall the FiiO Control App, reinstall it, and try to connect again.

Status page

  1. It can display the battery life of the left and right earphones, and the version number of FW3

  2. Indicator light: Turn off the white indicator light on the earphones

  3. Charging protection: After the charging protection is turned on, the earphone battery will be judged to be full in advance

  4. Game mode: Lower delay after opening

  5. Power-saving shutdown time: it will automatically shut down if it is not connected for more than the set time, the default is 5 minutes


Audio page

  1. Channel balance: Set the channel balance of the left and right earphones, which can be set according to your needs.

  2. Filter: FW3 supports 4 filters, including steep drop, slow drop, short delay steep drop, and short delay slow drop.

Filters are some effects that come with the original chip factory, and the adjustment of the sound is relatively subtle. The following is the hearing description of different filters, for reference only:

Steep drop: the sound will be clean and sharp, slightly sharpened, yet delicate, with higher resolution performance, suitable for complex soundtracks or fast-paced burning songs;

Short delay and steep drop: the sound is majestic and majestic, the position is at the back, the positioning is accurate, and the reverberation is strong. It is suitable for pop music. The actual listening experience is also related to matching equipment. The effect is for reference only;

Slow down: the sound will be mellow, with rich overtones, full low frequency, natural reverberation, suitable for music types such as soothing slow beats;

Short delay and slow down: the sound is spotless, front position, immersive, clear original sound, suitable for classical music;

  1. Headphone volume: the volume of the headset itself.

  2. Prompt volume: the prompt volume of the earphone itself.

  3. Call volume: When using the headset to talk, the volume of the headset itself.

The above volume adjustments can be memorized without repeated adjustments.

  1. Prompt language, Chinese and English can be selected.


Settings page (click the gear icon in the upper right corner to enter the settings)

  1. Customize the device name: you can customize the name of the earphones according to your needs;

  2. Clear pairing: clear the paired device information of the earphones;

  3. Restore default settings: clear all pairing information, and the APP setting items restore default settings;

  4. Power off: power off the left and right earphones;

  5. Firmware upgrade: upgrade firmware online or locally, click here for specific tutorials.