6. How to upgrade the firmware of FW3?

The FW3 upgrade is completed on FiiO Control (or FiiO Music), which supports online and local upgrades. The upgrade steps are as follows:

  1. Confirm that the latest version of FiiO Control is installed on the mobile phone. If not, you can download and install it through the mobile application market;

  2. Before upgrading, please take the left and right earphones out of the battery box, and confirm that both earphones are connected (you can check the power of the earphones to confirm the connection status through the app), and then perform the upgrade operation, otherwise there will be an upgrade error prompt. You just need to upgrade The firmware upgrade of the left and right ears can be completed in one operation.

  3. Both Android and Apple devices support upgrades, and the mobile phone Bluetooth is paired with FW3, open FiiO Control, and upgrade in the upper right corner Settings-Firmware Upgrade;

  4. There are two ways of online upgrade and local upgrade in APP

For local upgrade, you need to download the new software of the corresponding model from the FiiO official website and save it on the launch device, and then click "Local Upgrade" in the APP to select the downloaded new software to upgrade;

Online upgrade does not need to download firmware, just click "Online Upgrade". If there is a new version of the software, it will jump to the upgrade prompt interface, if there is no new firmware, a pop-up window will prompt "the current version is the latest".