13. Hot-spot Q&A of FW3

  1. Precautions for using FW3

a. After getting it, pay attention to tear off the blue protective film of the metal contact of the earphone

b. Strenuous exercise, such as running and rope skipping, can easily lead to loosening, so it is not recommended to wear it


  1. Does FW3 need to burn-in?

FW3 uses a 10mm carbon-based dome diaphragm moving coil, which will tend to stabilize after 40 hours of burn-in.


If I use an iPhone to connect to the FW3, will the sound quality be improved?

Compared with ordinary TWS earphones, it has improved, but it can not enjoy high-quality and high-bit-rate decoding such as LHDC.


  1. FW3 frequently play staccato?

a. In the case of frequent interruptions, please try to connect to the 5G wifi signal or the local network signal of the mobile phone to avoid 2.4G interference, so as to confirm whether the stuttering has improved.

b. Avoid using environments such as partition walls and metal shielding.

c. There are frequent interruptions in the sound. You can try to put the earphones into the charging box and connect them out of the warehouse again, or turn off the right earphone and then turn it on again to switch the role of the main ear and the auxiliary ear to help restore normal Bluetooth audio transmission.


  1. Do earphones have no sound?

Due to some device system's own reasons, the first connection needs to be manually switched to Bluetooth in order to use Bluetooth as a calling device.


  1. How to solve the low sound of FW3?

On the mobile phone, you can enter Settings--About Device, click the version number 7 times continuously to enter the developer options, and then return to the developer options page to disable the absolute volume function, and then restart the machine.


  1. Do in-ear earplugs have insufficient low frequency or low volume?

a. The silicone sleeve and the ear canal do not fit well enough to cause low frequency leakage. This can be greatly improved by changing the appropriate silicone sleeve.

b. The tuning and listening preferences of the fuel burner do not match. Some people like the one with strong low frequency, some like the three-band balanced one, and some like the one with strong treble analysis. The low frequency can be compensated by adjusting the EQ adjustment of FiiO Control to obtain the listening effect you need.


  1. My mobile phone supports LHDC but I can’t use this protocol when connecting to FW3? OPPO/OnePlus phone can't connect to FW3 to use LHDC?

Since LHDC technology is still in the development stage and there are many mobile phone models, whether it supports it depends on the actual test. Through test comparison and related understanding, we found that it is because OPPO mobile phones are similar to whitelist restrictions. We have already fed back to the LHDC team and wait for oppo to open it. Device limitations.


  1. How to open and use LHDC encoding?

On the Bluetooth list of the mobile phone, click the setting item on the right side of the name of FiiO FW3, and then click to open the LHDC encoding, as shown in the figure below.

Note: The mobile phone needs to support LHDC to open the support.