JadeAudio’s First Open True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds JW1 Is Officially Released!

We have been committed to developing professional-grade HiFi products, to bring our users more fun of music. Because of music, we get to know each other, so we should share this kind of happiness, helping more people to get involved. To allow more users to feel the charm of music, we are going to introduce JadeAudio’s first consumer-grade audio product- open true wireless Bluetooth earbuds JW1.


Comfortable wearing, all-around versatility

In the early design process, the JW1 has considered ergonomics for comfortable wearing. The ear-hook design that cleverly balances forces around multiple points securely fits ears of different shapes.


Thanks to its comfortable and stable fit, the JW1 can meet your rich usage scenarios. Whether you're working out, commuting, or taking a walk, the JW1 will be around with you. Even if you are a senior audiophile, the JW1 will be an additional appropriate music partner for you, bringing you more relaxing musical moments in addition to HiFi listening.


Born as a Talent, excellent sound quality

As JadeAudio’s first consumer-grade audio product, the JW1 makes no compromises about its acoustic configuration. The large 14.2mm dynamic driver has also been carefully tuned by an established acoustic team, providing robust bass and a large, natural soundstage that has better sound quality than bone conduction headphones.


To provide a better user experience, the JW1 features Bluetooth 5.3, which means faster and more stable connections. In addition, with up to a 6-hour battery life per charge on the wireless earbuds, and up to an 18-hour battery life total with the charging case, you don’t need to worry about running out of juice with the JW1. More importantly, the guaranteed sound quality and build quality of the prestigious HiFi brand can get you out of all worries.


* Key features of the JW1 include:

-- Open, non-in-ear design

-- All-around versatility

-- Long battery life

-- Touch controls

-- Bluetooth 5.3

-- Water and sweat-resistant

-- 14.2mm large dynamic driver

-- Two color choices


* To celebrate its release, from July 27 to August 3, the JW1 will be served with a 20% discount at the price of 27.99 USD. Come to our AliExpress Official Store to take it home right away:



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