FIIO 3.5mm Plug with 0.78mm 2 Pin Connectors LS-3.5B Is Officially Released!


The renowned “Little Conch” series of earphones FD11/FH11 has won audiophiles over with their great sound quality at an affordable price. But apart from using the “Little Conch” earphones FD11/FH11 just for music, there are some out there who may wish to use them for other purposes.


Thus, we have created the LS-3.5B cable that combines a microphone and in-line controls into a quality 3.5mm audio plug cable, allowing you to listen to high-quality music without missing out on other important activities.


(1) Crystal-clear calls, as if directly in your ears

Built into the LS-3.5B is a high-quality microphone for easy access to high-quality calls.


(2) Instant response, zero delay

The LS-3.5B is a perfect match for the “Little Conch” earphones FD11/FH11, allowing you access to high-quality audio no matter whether on a phone or a computer.


(3) Close the distance, with just one click

The LS-3.5B features an in-line control button allowing you to easily answer important calls no matter where you are.


(4) Practical and ergonomic, L-shaped 3.5mm plug

The LS-3.5B is capable of taking on anything that may come your way, and thus adopts an L-shaped 3.5mm audio plug that makes it better suited for more usage scenarios whether it be gaming, listening, or watching videos. The L-shaped plug also reduces the risk of the cable breaking due to accidental bending.


* The LS-3.5B is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away:


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