FIIO MMCX Female to 0.78mm 2 Pin Male Adapter LC-78A Is Officially Released!


Recently, we have introduced the new “Little Conch” series of earphones, FD11 and FH11, and consumers like them so much. Since the stock connectors are uncommonly seen on the market, some users are worried they may be unable to adapt to their own cables. Here, we are bringing an MMCX female to 0.78mm male connector to help settle this issue, i.e. the LC-78A.


(1) Elegantly invisible

The compact LC-78A adapter is only Φ6.5*11mm in size – elegantly and almost invisibly letting users pick their cable of choice to use. Have more fun changing the cable you want.


(2) One unibody piece

The LC-78A is no exception to FiiO’s traditional emphasis on build quality, and as such features a unibody, one-piece mold construction. That is, the LC-78A is made of one piece of copper without joints in the middle, different from other adapters that are constructed through welding + splicing. This ensures the adapter is more resilient and allows for better signal transmission.


(3) The “golden” point

The contact pins are arguably the most important part of an adapter. Due to its excellent conductivity, the LC-78A uses gold-plated phosphorous copper for the outer section of its pins. The inner section of the pins is made of gold-plated beryllium copper due to its rigidity and reliability.


(4) The helpful “little red dot”

To make it easier for you to determine if you are plugging into the adapter correctly, the “little red dot”, as shown in the figure, specifically illustrates the orientation you should be plugging into the adapter.


* The LC-78A is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away.

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