High-Quality Silver-Plated Copper Balanced Headphone Cable LS-4.4A Is Officially Released!


(1) Sound quality evolved again, 280 silver-plated copper total wires

Sound quality evolved again. To better cater to users of the “Little Conch” series of earphones, FD11 and FH11, we made a brand-new high-quality headphone cable, LS-4.4A. Making up the cable are copper wires, 14 of which are twisted together into a small strand. 5 of these small strands are twisted into a larger strand. 4 of these large strands include the entirety of the 280 total silver-plated copper wires. This highly dense and thick, yet compact bundle of wires is responsible for transmitting every last detail of your music with the utmost speed and accuracy.


(2) Better materials for better user experience

The LS-4.4A features silver-plated copper wires. The silver-plated layer allows for a more detailed, yet sweet and rich sound.


(3) Comfortable and ergonomic, “left blue right red” elbow design

The LS-4.4A features the “left blue right red” to let you know easily how to plug in your earphones, getting you to your music quickly! In addition, the 0.78mm 2 pin connectors of the LS-4.4A are elbow-shaped to better fit the human ear, for a secure and comfortable fit when listening.


* The LS-4.4A is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away.



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