FIIO Mini Desktop Headphone Amplifier KA13 Is Officially Released!

After nearly two years under fine polishing of FIIO engineers, the KA3 has been upgraded to the KA13 as a mini desktop-class DAC and headphone amplifier. It combines new design language, new technology, and robust performance, configurations and experience in one. We focus on creating a more omnipotent and comprehensive USB dongle that can provide users with a full range of high-quality experiences.


Mini desktop amp, big performance

USB dongles are characterized by their small size and small output power, but the KA13 is bound to break the rules and achieve a breakthrough in power in a small space. It adopts the “Desktop Mode” which was generally seen in our high-end products to achieve robust performance nearly equal to a desktop device, and make the KA13 come with the highest output power among USB dongles.


With the “Desktop Mode” on, the maximum sustained undistorted output power of the balanced port goes up to 550mW per channel, which is nearly equal to a desktop device, so that it can drive most headphones, allowing you to enjoy quality music in both portable and desktop use scenarios.


Comprehensive configurations, full of sincerity

Listening experience is subjective, but the configuration can be truly seen, and is the basis of a good sound. We chose a better configuration for the KA13 in USB dongles at the same price range -- dual high-performance low-power consumption DAC chip CS4313 + dual low-noise op-amp chip SGM8262. The dual-core golden combo features excellent performance and indicators with superior resolution. With support for 32bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256, the KA13 despite its tiny size is capable of highly-detailed sound.


Excellent user experience seen in details

In addition to high output power and configurations, we also attach great importance to user experience. Being carefully crafted, the KA13 is outstanding in all aspects. Here are the details.


* A family aggressive mech design gives it a new look; the RGB ambient light window also shows corresponding sampling rates - a unique beauty of technology and aesthetics;

* 3.5+4.4 dual headphone outputs: FIIO engineers repeatedly adjusted the design of the KA13 and finally managed to fit two headphone outputs in the compact dongle, marking true progress in packaging capabilities.

* Features a detachable cable design. When combined with the included Type-C and Lightning adapter cables, you can listen with various systems without having to immediately purchase another cable;

* Supports being controlled with the FIIO Control app. With the app, you can set the RGB lights, SPDIF output, audio filters, etc. for a more convenient experience.


Promo for early adopters

(1) Time: From September 18 to 20

(2) Offer price: 75.99 USD (5% off)

(3) Place:


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