4. What are the accessories?Why not include a storage case/bag and use a cable with microphone?

Abundant accessories

Packing box*1, Headphone unit*1, 3.5mm to 0.78mm 2pin headphone cable*1, Bass ear tips S/M/L*3 pairs (M pre-installed), Balanced ear tips S/M/L*3 pairs , User manual*1

Why not include a storage case/bag for the FH11?

FiiO has always been considered by consumers as a generous brand with rich accessories. However, we hoped every coin was spent on the sound quality, making it more value-for-money. If you need a storage case/bag, please take a look at our HB11 and other storage cases.


Why not use a cable with a microphone?

The FH11 is positioned as a cost-effective entry-level HiFi IEM. We mainly focus on the sound quality, and will develop a 3.5mm headphone cable with a microphone.