The FiiO KA13 is otherwise a very good source for the money, although I mostly recommend it for people who like the aesthetics and find themselves in need of the extra power that's best used with a desktop PC or laptop lest you drain your phone battery very quickly. It is a neutral DAC/amp without any coloration to the sound, although treble extension could have been better if you care about that slight dip measured here—I didn't really perceive it in my ears. I will also mention that some people had the KA13 randomly jump to max volume rather than going up one increment. This feels like a bug that can be terrible in practice but I have not experienced this with either sample in all my testing and I can't dock points based on something that isn't proven to be repeatable. The feature set of the FiiO KA13 is otherwise fairly compelling albeit with its own set of compromises. If you are interested to purchase one, the FiiO KA13 sells for $79.99 from the FiiO Aliexpress store, and the same from authorized vendors when they get stock in—hopefully by the time this article goes live.







Author:VSG; From: techpowerup.com

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