FIIO's New Products Will Show up at CanJam Singapore 2024!

It feels like just yesterday when the CanJam Singapore exhibition at the end of March last year ended, and now CanJam Singapore 2024 is coming this weekend. In the span of a year, we have launched dozens of products, and have just released several new ones. We welcome everyone to the exhibition to experience firsthand the entire range of our products available for sale.


More details about the exhibitions:

* Time: 11 am -6 pm, April 6; 10 am -5 pm, April 7

* Place: Pan Pacific Singapore, Singapore

* Booth: E10~E11



Some of the exhibited products are as follows.

1. FIIO K19 (Flagship Desktop DAC/Amp, equipped with 31-band professional high-precision lossless PEQ, and two flagship 8-channel DAC chips ES9039SPRO)


2. FIIO M23 (Mid-to-high-end Android portable music player, featuring flagship AK4191EQ+AK4499EX DAC combo, and independent Type-C power supply)


3. FIIO FA19 (Flagship 10 balanced armature IEMs, equipped with ruby audiophile-grade thin film crossover capacitors, featuring both HiFi and monitoring modes)


4. FIIO SP3 BT (Impressive exterior design, compact active speakers, supporting full Bluetooth codecs, multi-channel digital input, and equipped with automatic standby and wake-up functions)


5. FIIO R9 (Flagship all-in-one digital media streamer, featuring dual ES9038PRO DAC chips, and the world’s first 8-channel THX AAA 788+ amp design)


6. FIIO M15S (High-end portable Android music payer that combines robust configurations with comfortable ergonomics)


7. FIIO Q15 (High-end portable DAC and headphone amplifier, featuring flagship AK4191EQ+AK4499EX DAC combo, delivering powerful performance and rich functionality)


8. FIIO KA17 (Flagship portable headphone amplifier, featuring Desktop Mode, independent power supply port, 650mW+650mW output power)


9. FIIO BTR15 (High-end Bluetooth headphone amplifier, comprehensive upgrade in configuration and features, near-perfect choice for on-the-go HiFi music)


10. FIIO FT5 (High-end planar magnetic headphones, 90mm large diaphragm, high sensitivity and easy-to-drive design)


11. FIIO FT3 (Two versions of 350Ω high impedance and 32Ω low impedance, 60mm large dynamic driver)


12. FIIO FX15 (High-end electrostatic IEMs, one-toggle electrostatic switch, experiencing stunning resolution beyond 15kHz)


13. FIIO CP13 (Nostalgia for the classics, with ultra-low jitter and Oversized pure copper flywheel, custom balanced amplification head)


14. FIIO FD15 (Unreleased, for experience only)


Best regards,

Guangzhou FIIO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.