M23 Custom Leather Case SK-M23 Is Officially Released!

The FIIO M23 has been hot-selling recently. Based on voices we heard during the Spring Launch Event of customers demanding an individual leather protective case, we have decided to make an exclusive genuine leather protective case for the M23- the SK-M23, available for purchase to meet your needs.


The specially selected premium genuine leather material has been meticulously handled to give the sensation of luxurious high quality to the SK-M23. The case’s soft yet delicate feel perfectly complements the M23’s bold and robust design.


At the rear of the case is a classic metal grille design, which not only serves to better dissipate heat but also serves as a stylish addition to the case. At the top of the case is Velcro, which makes it not only convenient to open and close the case, but also makes it quick and convenient to both put in the M23 with a secure fit without fear of it falling out as well as taking it back out.


The SK-M23 is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away:



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