High-Purity Headphone Cable LL-4.4A Is Officially Released!


Abundantly dynamic, 4.4mm balanced audio plug

The Jade Audio LL-4.4A features a 4.4mm balanced audio plug, allowing them to connect to the balanced output of headphone amps for a larger dynamic range as well as greater channel separation, allowing users to fully and emotionally enjoy the details in the music. Additionally, the LL-4.4A headphone connectors are dual 3.5mm TRS, making it compatible with many headphones as many advanced high-quality headphones have adopted the connector.


100 high-purity oxygen-free copper wires

The core of the LL-4.4A is the 100 high-purity 0.8mm oxygen-free copper wires with 24AWG sectional area, which produce a powerful and rich sound. And when paired with the 4.4mm balanced audio plug, the result is truly immersive headphone audio.


Being your long-lasting companion, high-quality braided nylon outer sheath

The outer sheath of the LL-4.4A is made of high-quality braided nylon. Thanks to its softness and durability, this means that the LL-4.4A can not only be easily physically bent to fit your use case, it will also last for years to come.


The LL-4.4A is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256806835364229.html


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