Magnalium Dynamic Driver IEMs FD15 Is Officially Released!


Magnalium diaphragm DLC gasket driver

The FD5 introduces a truly high-end driver design——a magnalium diaphragm DLC gasket driver. By innovatively combining these two materials, not only does the FD15 deliver a spacious and relaxed natural sound, but it does so while achieving new heights in the reproduction of musical detail for truly transparent sound.

*Magnalium diaphragm: a scientifically calculated blend of magnesium and aluminum that features high hardness and low distortion when moved for clear, detailed treble.

*DLC gasket: DLC diamond-like carbon is known for being both rigid yet flexible, which means less breakup during movement and ultimately higher-quality sound.


W-shaped gasket

FIIO’s pursuit of acoustic excellence knows no bounds. The FD15 boldly embraces high-end audio design principles by introducing the W-shaped gasket design to earphones. Compared to conventional diaphragms of the same size, the FD15 boasts a 30% increase in effective vibrating area. With a larger effective diaphragm area and greater amplitude, the core acoustic unit can store more sound energy, delivering a denser and more solid listening experience.


“Tesla Valve” bass enhancement acoustic design

Inspiring new acoustic thinking, with special attention to immersive bass. The FIIO FD15 takes the lead by incorporating the F.T.B.S. ‘Tesla Valve’ bass enhancement acoustic design. Thanks to the high-precision powder metallurgy process used in creating the FD15, the length, angle, and quantity of channels within the earphone cavity are specially calculated to achieve a Tesla valve fluid structure that significantly enhances bass extension. Experience truly deep yet detailed bass.


Mid-range vocals, simply purely good

·13.8mm large dynamic driver: Compared to the FD5, the effective diaphragm area has increased by 40%

·Φ8.6mm long voice coil: Voice coil lengthened by 1.38 times than the predecessor, driver power has boosted by 78%

·1.5T external magnet design: The magnet volume has increased by 69.5%, with up to 1.5T high magnetic flux


316L stainless steel shell

Silver light flashes by, swift as a shooting star. The FIIO FD15 creatively combines a fresh design language with a closed-back acoustic design, utilizing carefully placed design surfaces flourishes to create an elegant and ever-changing play of light and shadow. To achieve this effect, the FD15 is made with 316L medical-grade stainless steel, which thanks to powder metallurgy sintering means the IEM is durable. It further undergoes meticulous hand-polishing and PVD electroplating for a premium finish, for a mirror-like visual sensation. Let its texture emotionally resonate with you.


Two colors available

The FD15 is available in obsidian black and racing silver, two stylish colors for you to choose from.


Furukawa monocrystalline silver + Furukawa monocrystalline silver-plated copper braided headphone cable

Cut through the markups and get access to affordable high-quality cables. Since being featured with the FT3, cables made from Furukawa’s high-purity monocrystalline copper have been sought after by audiophiles around the world. The new FD15 also uses these cables, and comes standard with a Furukawa monocrystalline silver + Furukawa monocrystalline silver-plated copper braided cable. The cable consists of four large strands, each made up of 100 copper wires and 20 silver-plated wires for an overall total of 480 wires, which is unparalleled in its class. With a cross-sectional area of 22AWG and having undergone 1050°C high-temperature smelting, the included cable is truly of high-end quality but at an affordable price.

*This cable is the same as the retailed LC-RC 2024.


* The FD15 is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link to take it home right away:


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