14.2mm Beryllium-coated dynamic driver

Bass-enhancing acoustic flute design

High-purity Sterling silver cable

4th gen DLP 3D printing technology

Twist-lock swappable plug

Transparent skin-friendly resin


Beryllium-coated Dynamic Driver Earbuds



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Sound quality,


With its carefully engineered acoustics and excellent materials, the EM5 reaches a new height in earbud sound quality. The well-extended yet controlled bass, lush vocals, and clear yet unfatiguing treble will give you an unforgettable musical experience.

One must not underestimate the effect of a great cable on an earbud’s sound quality. Thus, the EM5 has a high-purity sterling silver with high conductivity that not only allows for gobs of detail to come through, but also provide an extremely enjoyable, vivid sound.

Be a master of music with an upgraded cable

At the center of attention once again

One can never take their popularity for granted. Earbuds might not be as popular now as they once were, but the EM5 is set to change that with its modern design, powerful driver, and amazing sound quality. Embark on a journey with the EM5 to redefine what earbuds can do and rediscover your music all over again.

Subtly powerful even to the naked eye

The beauty of the transparent resin naturally draws your eyes to the powerful drivers within the EM5, allowing you to appreciate the engineering marvel within.

Abundant Accessories Included

Swappable 3.5mm earphone plug | Swappable 2.5mm earphone plug | Swappable 4.4mm earphone plug
Bass foam ear tips*6 | Balanced foam ear tips*6 | Treble foam ear tips*6 
HB3 leather carrying case*1 | Quick start guide

Finding just the right sound after lots of experimentation is always truly satisfying. To help you in your quest for the perfect sound, we have carefully prepared 3 types of foam ear tips that allow you to tailor the EM5 perfectly to you and your music. And to make things more convenient, the included HB3 leather carrying case allows you to easily carry the EM5 wherever you go.

Listening and deciding to your heart’s content

The success of the 4th generation 3D printing process used to create the EM5 is due in large part to the use of skin-friendly, EU IIA medical grade certified resin. Not only is this glossy resin durable and not prone to color fading, it is also gentle and comfortable on your skin.

Quality you can feel

Transparent skin-friendly resin

Smart ergonomic design doesn’t have to be sacrificed for great sound quality. In addition to the proven left blue and right red design to help you tell apart which earbud is which, there are also 3 small tactile bumps on the left earphones – allowing music lovers of all vision abilities to easily get into their music.

Uncompromising in sound and design

Structurally, the driver unit is designed with long strokes, which allows for more spaces for the linear displacement, lower distortion, and better bass performance compared to a typical earphone driver.

A small pace achieves a big stride

In its quest to be uncompromising in every aspect, the EM5 does not let you down with its sound quality. The large 14.2mm beryllium-coated diaphragm ensures well-extended, well-textured, and plentiful bass. The lightness and notable rigidity of beryllium also allows the EM5 to present well-extended and detailed treble. Together, the EM5 capitalizes on the strengths of its driver and presents you with an unforgettable bold sound.

Bold Beryllium with a capital “B”

Rally up with the acoustic bass tube

Due to their open nature, flat-head earbuds will naturally leak a lot of bass, making your music sound dull. In order to increase bass extension, the EM5 contains a special flute-inspired acoustic bass tube to effectively boost lower frequencies, made possible thanks to advanced 3D printing manufacturing technologies. With the EM5, you will get solid and deep bass that will defy your expectations of what an earbud can do.



Note: For the best bass experience,

please use with ear tips.

The high-quality earphone cable is ready to change at a moment’s notice. The twist-lock swappable plug allows you to switch between 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm heads to cover a wide range of scenarios.

Transform anytime, anywhere

FiiO has implemented the 4th generation of DLP 3D printing technology to create the EM5, allowing for a uniquely seamless design simply not possible with other manufacturing techniques. The EM5’s design pays tribute to other classical and iconic earbuds while also infusing modern aesthetics, refreshing our ideas on just what earbuds can look like. 

Novel 3D printing technology