Model SP3 SP3 BT
Speaker type High Fidelity Active Desktop Speakers High-fidelity Bluetooth active desktop speaker
Dimensions  About 163x120x132mm (excluding base)
 About 170x120x132mm (including 0° flat base)
 About 182x120x132mm (including 7° angled base)
Bluetooth chip N/A Qualcomm QCC5124
Bluetooth codecs N/A LDAC/aptX Adaptive/
aptX HD/aptX LL/
Weight                 Primary speaker weight 1840g         Primary speaker weight 1950g
secondary speaker weight 1660g
Cabinet material Aluminum alloy
Cabinet manufacturing method Liquid die casting
Crossover 2-way
Frequency response 65Hz-20kHz (±2dB)
Speaker impedance
Speaker sensitivity 85dB (1Vrms)@1kHz
Output power 30W*2 (woofer)+10W*2 (tweeter)
Inputs RCA/AUX RCA/AUX/Type-C/
RGB status lights Blue light: LINE IN 1 (RCA IN)
Green light: LINE IN 2 (AUX IN)
Blue light: LINE IN 1 (RCA IN)
Green light: LINE IN 2 (AUX IN)
Purple light: OPT IN
Yellow light: COAX IN
Orange light: USB IN
Bluetooth: When not paired,
the indicator light flashes red
and blue alternately. After
successful pairing, it displays
corresponding colors based
on the codec.
Indicator light of Bluetooth codecs N/A LDAC: Pulsing white light
aptX Adaptive: Pulsing
green light
aptX HD: Pulsing
yellow light
aptX/aptX LL: Pulsing
purple light
AAC: Pulsing cyan light
SBC: Pulsing blue light
Supported sampling rate of USB/Optical/Coaxial decoding N/A Supports 44.1kHz,
48kHz, and 96kHz, with a
bit depth of up to 32