2.Bass/Charging switch indication

Here is a video FAQ to introduce the buttons operations on Q3:

【On/Off Knob】
*Turn the "Power/Volume" knob clockwise until a sound is heard, the device is turned on. Continue to rotate to increase the volume.
*Rotate counterclockwise to decrease the volume. Continue to rotate until a sound is heard. The device is turned off.

【GAIN button: Gain/Filter/Reset button/Green indicator light】
*Single click: Switch high/low gain (Green light off means low gain; green light on means high gain.)
*Double click the button: Switch filter.
*Long press the button for 15 seconds: Reset the device. Press and hold the button until the RGB indicator light goes out, then the system is reset.

Double click the bottom button to switch the filter.
If it cannot display the current filter status, try to reset it and it will go back to the default filter "Sharp Roll-Off". Switch again, it will be set as Short Delay Slow Roll-Off Filter.
Note: The filter switching function is only available under USB DAC mode but unavailable under AUX mode. The reason is that under AUX mode, the audio transmission does not pass through the DAC chip while the filter needs to be implemented by the DAC chip.

【BASS switch: Bass】
Bass boosting: Can be turned on or off based on users preference.
Available both in AUX and USB DAC modes.

【CHARGE switch: Charging】
*When the Q3 is not in the low-power state (the charge switch is turned to ON), the Q3 will be charged once connected to a USB device. But if the charge switch is turned to OFF, it will not be charged.
*When the Q3 is in the low-power shutdown state, it will be charged once connected to a USB device regardless of the charge switch setting until the battery is fully charged.
1. When connecting to a mobile device, it is suggested to set the charge switch to OFF in order to save the power of the mobile phone.
2. iPhone and Sony WM-port devices will not charge the Q3 regardless of the charge switch setting.
3. When the charge switch is OFF, the Q3 will not only stop charging the battery, but also not consume the current on the USB device. (That is, when the Q3 is connected to a mobile phone for decoding, it will not consume the power of the phone.)