8.Frequently asked questions when using Q3 as a USB DAC

1.When connected to a computer for decoding, is it possible that neither did the power of the Q3 not be consumed, nor did it not charge the Q3, instead the power consumption is completely provided by the computer?
--Impossible. When the Charge switch is ON, the computer would be prior to charging the Q3. At the same time, the Q3 will also charge its battery. When the Charge switch is OFF, the Q3 is completely powered by its own battery, so the battery power will be consumed.

2.When the Q3 works as a USB DAC for the player, the player does not support DSD512 in DOP output mode?
--It is limited by the player itself. The DOP output mode only supports DSD256 at most. Whereas DSD512 will only be enabled under Native output mode.

3.Highest decoding rate supported
PCM supports up to 768k/32bit;
DSD supports up to native DSD512.