7. How does its appearance structure improve the sound performance? (The small hole on the front cavity, the net holes on the front faceplate, and the volcanic field system)

【The advantage of the small hole on the front cavity】
1. The small hole of the front cavity is used to relieve pressures. It can help to moderate pressures that happened to the ear canal when putting the FD5 inside the ears. If the front hole is blocked, it would enhance the bass performance. However, hearing fatigue would also be caused easily due to increasing pressures in the ear canal.
2. The dynamic driver diaphragm of the FD5 used beryllium-coated DLC. Therefore, if the front pressure-relief hole is blocked, it would possibly lead to transformation to the beryllium-plated diaphragm and thus bring abnormality to the sound performance.

【The advantage of the net holes on the front faceplate】
The FD5 adopts a semi-open design. Through the small hole, it can relieve air pressure on the ear quickly– leading to more natural, comfortable and long listening sessions.

【The advantage of the volcanic field system】
The volcanic field system is an anti-standing wave structure we designed for the rear cavity of the FD5. By reversely preventing harmful standing waves, it plays an important role in enhancing bass diffusion at the rear cavity, reducing standing waves and distortion, thus achieving clearer sound.