20.Instructions for Settings->Audio menu

1. 3.5Output selection
PO (Power output), generally used when connecting to earphones and speakers
LO (Line out), generally used when connecting to power amplifiers
SPDIF (Coaxial out), generally used when connecting to DACs

2.4.4Output selection
PO and LO available

3.SPDIF out (it only needs to be set in this way when the coaxial output is used)
D2P mode: when playing PCM signals, it will output raw PCM signals; when playing DSD signals, it will first convert DSD to PCM and output PCM signals.
DoP mode: PCM will be output as PCM signals while DSD will be output as raw DSD signals.

Select DoP first. For some devices that are not supportive of DoP, please select D2P.

There are 3 levels, High, Medium and Low, corresponding to 3 levels of output voltages. You can select different Gains according to the earphones used.

5.Lowpass filter mode
Six different filters (internal configuration of the AK4497) of the M11 Plus are available for your preference.

6.Wireless playback quality
The Bluetooth transmission takes the highest codec by default. You can choose the highest codec supported for the Bluetooth connection by this option.

If there is any imbalance between the left and right channels when playing music, you can adjust the channel balance here. It has up to 10 levels available.

8.All To DSD
When the All To DSD function is turned on, the PCM signals will be converted to DSD for output with sound quality further improved.

【Principle】All To DSD is mainly about switching digital signals from PCM to DSD format. So when making digital-to-analog conversion, it can use DSD format, enriching music styles with clearer and natural sound quality. In addition, since the lowest format of the DSD is DSD64, i.e. 4 times of the 44.1k/16bit (just looking at the data size), the All To DSD function is upsampling the 44.1k/16bit audio signals. Third-party apps also support All To DSD.

【Notes】 When the All To DSD function is turned on, the CPU will consume more power, which will shorten the play time of the M11 Plus with obvious heating on the body.

During the process of using, if you notice that the total battery life is much shorter than that written on the specification table on our website, please check if the All To DSD function is turning on. It is suggested to turn off the All To DSD function and follow the provided test conditions to check the battery life of the M11 Plus again.

9.Adjustable volume at LO
When it is turned on, the volume will be adjustable in LO mode. If it is turned off, the volume will be fixed as maximum.