10. What to do if “Update Media library” on the X5 causes hangups?

A: If the X5 2nd gen/X3 2nd gen/X5/X1 hangs while updating the media library, it will still hang on any subsequent attempt if no changes are made.  The first thing to try is to eject the micro SD card(s), update the media library with no cards loaded to clear the database, insert the card(s) again and try updating again.  If the update still hangs, then it is caused by certain problems on the card(s) or certain problems with files on the cards.  Please try the following:

1. Examine the SD card(s) on the computer and delete files with .log extension or any other non-music files from the card(s) and run the media library update again
2. If all your music files are stored directly under the root directory of the card, try splitting them into smaller folders (around 100-200 songs in each folder)
3. Format the SD card with the player (System settings->Storage formatting) or format it to exFAT on computer then re-transfer files to it and update again.
4. Replace the card with another one (a Sandisk class 10 card is recommended)
5. If using the X5 2nd gen, try downgrading the firmware to the FW1.2.

If the update still hangs, it means the problem might be caused by the corrupted files, then please first try using the software tool "tagscan" (>>
download link) to scan and locate the corrupted files.

If the "tagscan" tool cannot find the corrupted files, please try the following methods to locate and clear these files.

(1) remove the cards and do a library update (clears the database)
(2) move half of the songs out of the card (e.g. half of the folders), insert the card and try the library update again.
(3) if the update succeeds:
a. add half of the folders you moved out back into the card (for a total of 3/4 of the original total) and try again
if the update in (2) fails:
b. move out half of the remaining folders (for a total of 1/4 of the original total) and try again
if the update in (b) succeeds:
i. add half of the folders you moved out in (b) back into the card and try again
Basically the idea is to use a binary tree elimination to find song(s) or file(s) that are causing issues with the library scan.